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Class: C10 #967745


M-F 8am-5pm & by appt

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murrieta electrician - Electrical Trouble Shooting - electrician near meRedhawk Electrical Contractors in Temecula is owned and operated by Beau Serat. Beau has over 18+ years of electrical experience. We are equally experienced in residential and commercial applications. He has worked on everything from mobile homes to schools. He is no stranger to new installations, remodels, and extensive troubleshooting. His level of experience and training allows him to handle any electrical job.

We strive to bring quality work and customer service to Redhawk Temecula Electrical Contractors. We take no shortcuts. The labor is performed in a neat, clean, craftsman-like manner. All work is completed using long-lasting, high-quality materials. We take the time to discuss each project’s aspects with the customer. We make sure we understand our client’s needs before starting the job.

Our customer service, fair pricing, and safety are most important to us. All work is performed far beyond the national and local codes. Redhawk Temecula Electricians provide peace of mind with every service. You will know the job was done by a company that stands behind its work. Our customer service, fair pricing, and safety are most important to us. All work is performed far beyond the national and local codes.

tesla charging station

We have been getting a lot of word of mouth about our Tesla charging station installations. We have more than 200 Google 5-Star reviews for our customer satisfaction. Safely installing an EV charger or a Tesla charger requires expert knowledge. This includes both your home’s electrical level 2 charging station – level 3 charging station system and the charger itself.

electrical panel repair

Redhawk Commercial Electricians manages commercial offices that need regular electrical replacement, repair, or maintenance work. We handle your commercial electrical needs, and we can manage commercial electrical power, lighting, and heating jobs. Our Commercial Electricians have specialized experience and knowledge. As a result, we can address the most demanding commercial electrical application.

whole house surge supressor

As technology changes, you will need more power in your home. HD TVs and fast computers use more energy than old panels can support. Devices designed in previous decades can only handle up to a hundred amps. Most modern homes use approximately two hundred amperes. Redhawk Electric can upgrade your electrical panel so that you are prepared for all your future electrical needs.

We are committed to making you a long-term customer!


Below is a partial list of the quality electrical contractor services we offer. Our residential and commercial electricians provide the best prices in Temecula.

LED Recessed Lighting

Consult Redhawk Electric to help refine your plans for LED Recessed Lights. As you know, LED lights will save you on your power bills.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panel and meter upgrades are our most requested services. Most 20-year-old homes are not wired to meet current electrical needs.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are essential for Southern California summers. Redhawk Electric has installed 100s at the most affordable prices in town.

Commercial Electricians
Quick Response

Our team of commercial electricians is quick to respond. We quickly handle electrical power and lighting jobs in your buildings.

Whole-house fan installation (Quiet Cool)

Sweat no more! Whole house fans are cost-effective and an environment-friendly substitute for air conditioning.

Spa Circuits Installation and Repair

Electric hookups for Spas are the most dangerous electrical job! Therefore, homeowners should only hire certified electricians with spa installation experience.

Tesla Charging Stations
& EV Charging Stations

Congratulations on purchasing an electric car! Now that you have joined the environmentally conscious consumers, thoroughly enjoy the experience. Contact us to install your electric vehicle charging station in your own home.

Generator Backup

Stop worrying about So Cal Edison shutting down your power. A permanently installed home backup generator protects your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel and sits outside like a central air conditioning unit.

Surge Protection

You might have plug-in surge protectors on some of your electronics. But you probably don’t have them for most of your appliances. As a result, those electronics are sitting ducks for power surges. Call us for a free quote.


electrician near me - electrical contractors - murrieta electricianAffordable Prices! Fast Response! Professional Service! Guaranteed Work! 100s of Google 5-Star Reviews.
Our electricians are looking to turn all our customers into lifetime clients.


Redhawk Temecula Electrician
We heard about Redhawk Electrician near me through a web search. The reviews were spot on, as Beau and his assistant have worked perfectly. They are quick to reply to inquiries. Beau is expedient in making it over to the job and professional and timely while on site. The costs are more than reasonable, and we never feel “creative billing.” He is now our first choice for anything electrical. Great work and excellent results from a great resource!
Phil Weil, Temecula SEO
My husband was trying his hand at a home repair, and we lost our electricity to the house. You and your team got us back up and running in no time and fixed the problems with my husband’s tinkering. From now on, I will call Redhawk Murrieta Electricians before I call my husband. Thanks, Redhawk!
Cary Watson, Temecula SEO
Temecula Electrician
Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. You guys are the best electrician near me!!! I wish I had found you before I wasted my money hiring other Murrieta electricians.
Lucy Smith, Temecula SEO


Our customers are important to us. We do everything we can to build lifelong relationships with our customers, and we hope to turn them into friends. This site section is a labor of love to help cut your electric bills.

Time for Replacing Electrical Outlets
Electrical Outlet Problems

October 9th, 2017|

Signs It’s Time for Replacing Dead Outlets: Change is an essential part of life. Families are endeavoring to get the latest gadgets and home safety upgrades. Few homeowners have paid careful attention to a dead outlet. Troubleshooting outlets are essential for maintaining a safe home. Outlets are the place where people come into contact with electrical current.

Residential led lighting including Xenon Light Bulbs.

October 7th, 2017|

When you buy a new house, the first question arises: Which type of bulb should be used? Gone are the days when bulbs and tube lights were just used to have enough light. Now, there are different kinds of bulbs that emit different colors of lights. Lights in the house are expected to enhance the ‘look and feel’ of the house. Other factors can play a role when choosing a bulb.


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      (951) 365-0587


      Class: C10 #967745


      M-F 8am-5pm & by appt


      (951) 365-0587


      Class: C10 #967745


      M-F 8am-5pm & by appt