Tesla charger - Tesla charging station

Can A Homeowner Install Their Own Tesla Charging Station or EV Charging Station?

People often ask if installing a car charging point and whether it’s a DIY-type job. It is recommended you don’t attempt to do this alone. It is best to call Redhawk Electric for this job:

  • Redhawk Electric will advise you on the permissions you need to seek.
  • We will assess whether it’s safe to have an EVCP in that home.
  • We will identify the best place to guarantee the most benefits.

What is the Process Redhawk Electric Uses to Install Charging Stations?

EV charging station - EV chargerSTEP ONE: Buy an EV Charger

STEP TWO: Select your installer

STEP THREE: Have the installer visit your home to:

  • take measurements
  • check where the fuse box is
  • identify the best location for the charger
  • verify practical details
  • give you a quote

STEP FOUR: Make the payment & choose an installation date

STEP FIVE: Have the installer come to your house and install the charger

STEP SIX: Get consultation on smart charging app set-up, EV Charger usage, and how to use its features.

STEP SEVEN: Once installed, you are ready to go.

Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing Installation

Services for Your Tesla Charger or EV Charger

Safely installing an EV charger or Tesla charger requires expert knowledge. This includes both your home’s electrical level 2 charging station - level 3 charging stationsystem and the charger itself. For example, your charger uses a lot of electricity from your house or apartment building. So, suppose it’s not correctly installed. In that case, you stand a chance of being dangerously exposed to this electricity.

Make sure your charger installation is fully certified.

Choose Redhawk to install your EV Charging or Tesla Charging Station. This validates that the install has been completed safely. Riverside County requires some EV Charger installations to be permitted. You can face a fine if you don’t get the necessary permit. It can also cause you trouble when you choose to sell your home.

Cost to install your EV charger

Investing in a trustworthy, experienced installer is worth the money. It is an investment in safety and regulatory compliance. This is important for your car, your home, and others around you.

Save Money on the Installation of your Tesla Charging Station with Tax Breaks

It is also worth looking into all tax breaks available for EV charging installations. Often you will find tax rebates for individuals to install an EV charging point in their homes.

Redhawk offers specific Charging Station expertise.

Technician training is a crucial consideration when choosing an install service. Redhawk Electric has expertise in EV charger installation. But, many electricians are not familiar with EV charging station regulations.

End-To-End Level 2 Charging Station and Level 3 Charging Station Install Service

You don’t want your charging station install service leaving without teaching you how to use it. Redhawk Electric offers a comprehensive EV Install service:

  • We will give pre-installation advice about which charger to opt for.
  • We will help you select which type of charger is best for your current and future needs.
  • We will analyze how to install your charger in the best way for your home and electricity bill.
  • We will train you how to use the charging station.

EV Charger Installation is a Valuable Investment

Selecting a professional EV charger installation will reap the rewards. You will have the assurance that your charger is safe and complies with permits. It will also increase your property’s value. Reliable installation service can make all the difference.

You can be assured that Redhawk Electric is a reputable, trusted electrician. We have expertise in EV charging station installation. Our end-to-end service will ensure you’re covered for present and future needs.