Christmas is a time for celebration. Unfortunately, too many people have faulty Christmas decorations preparation. They get electrical burns, are electrocuted, or have massive fires as a result. This guide will teach you how to prepare for your Christmas decorations like a pro.

The first thing to do is to plan your design. Get a list of all the decorations and lights that require electricity. Determine their power requirements. Get a professional like Redhawk Electric to guide you on the wattage and power load. Christmas decorations typically overload a home’s standard power supply. Check the circuit box to make sure that the power load from.

The decorations should not exceed the breakers for the outlets you plan to use. This step ensures that you do not overload your circuit and blow a fuse. This is one of the essential Christmas safety tips.

Secondly, add power outlets to your roof eaves and yard so that you do not need to run too many extension cords. The power outlets should be able to shut down the circuit in case there is an overcurrent. Redhawk Electric technicians are skilled at installing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). They will ensure your lights shine rather than a spark. Engage a professional electrician to check if your electrical panel needs upgrading. Some of the signs that show your electric panel needs upgrading include:

• Your fuses blow or circuit breakers trip if you add Christmas lighting.
• The house lighting dims when the Christmas lighting is turned on
• The number of electrical receptacles is not enough for all your power needs.

new electrical circuit panel

Homes older than 20 years old typically have breaker panels with 60 to 100 amps. Newer homes usually have 200-amp panels to fit our lifestyles. Modern electrical appliances needs require bigger electrical panels. Items like large panel televisions, multiple computers, and smart refrigerators. Increasing the amperage of a breaker switch allows you to accommodate more appliances. It will also help with extensive Christmas decorations. At Redhawk Electric, we offer electrical panel upgrades at unbeatable prices. And the meter box comes in ranges of 100 amps, 200 amps, or even larger.

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