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LED Can Lights – LED Kitchen Lighting – LED Light Installation

LED recessed lights can improve the appearance of your rooms. LED lights also reduce your energy budget compared to standard bulbs. LED lights are recommended by the Go Green Movement. As you know, Going Green emphasizes the use of low power devices. Additionally, the bulbs have improved reliability, strength, longevity, and come in compact sizes.

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LED can lights, LED kitchen lighting & LED light installation.


Consider the effects you want to create before installing lighting in your house. Consult Redhawk Electric at (951) 365-0587 to help refine your plan. For instance, recessed lights with an eyeball trim will allow rotation of the lights. They can focus light on a specific area. Recessed lights with a baffle trim provide a wide beam of light that spreads across your house. We know how each available trim can impact the ambiance of a room. You will love LED lighting. Most people’s favorite is kitchen lighting with LEDs.

    LED can lights - LED installation - LED kitchen lighting

    Safety First

    Redhawk Temecula Electric ensures that their electricians adhere to safety measures. Once safety precautions are considered, the electrician confirms the gauge wiring is appropriate. Only two types of wiring exist, i.e., copper wiring or aluminum wiring. Redhawk Temecula Electric electricians use copper wiring. We don’t use aluminum wiring, which doesn’t connect well with other fixtures or wiring.

    Procedures for Success

    To ensure successful LED lighting, our electrician uses the following procedure:

    • Step 1: Discuss the location of LED lights with the customer and draw a plan.

    • Step 2: Measure and cut holes for lights.

    • Step 3: Install proper wire from light locations to switch or dimmer.

    • Step 4: Wire and install lights as well as switches or dimmers.

    • Step 5: Test lights and clean up the work area.

    LED light installation


    LED Energy Use 15%
    Regular Bulbs Much Shorter Life 10%
    Heat from LED 5%


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    Redhawk Temecula Electric offers a full range of Commercial and Residential Electrican Services. All our services provide a FREE QUOTE and One-Year Guarantee.

    Recessed LED Lighting

    LED recessed lights can upgrade the appearance of any room. Recessed LED lights also save money on your energy budget. A far better option to using standard fluorescent or bulbs.

    Redhawk’s electrical panel upgrades will bring your old breaker box up to date. They will provide all the power needed for today’s products. We will also offer extra slots in the panel for future upgrades.

    A ceiling fan is one of those essentials for southern California. Redhawk has experience installing 100s of ceiling fans in the Temecula area. Get ready for summer.

    Whole House Fans

    Sweat no more! Whole house fans are the cost-effective and environment-friendly substitute for air conditioning. They help cool your home for summer mornings and evenings.

    Commercial Electrians

    Our commercial electricians have specialized experience and knowledge. They daily handle the most demanding commercial electrical application.

    ceiling fan maintenance


    On Time – We at Redhawk Electric understand that your time is valuable. We’re On Time.

    Clean – Our electricians will leave your home clean.

    Drug & Alcohol-Free – All our electricians go through extensive background checks before being hired. They also submit to drug tests.

    Friendly & Courteous – Our electricians will not swear or smoke in your home.

    Repairs Guaranteed – For the first year after a repair, if an electrical repair fails during regular use, we repair or replace the item at no charge to you.

    Skilled Professionals – Our staff are all certified electricians. They are master craftsmen with 1,000s of hours of experience in the field.

    Straightforward Pricing – A master electrician will visit your business or home to provide a FREE QUOTE. We will let you know all your options.


    When you need a FREE QUOTE, either call us or send us a message. We will respond as quickly as possible.


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        (951) 365-0587


        Class: C10 #967745


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