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Hot Tub Electrical Installation – Hot Tub Electrician – Hot Tub Wiring

A hot tub electric hook-up is a dangerous job. Whenever you work with electricity and water, you have danger from electrocutions. People should only hire certified electricians with hot tub installation experience. Redhawk Temecula Electricians have 18 years of hot tub experience. Our master electricians have the expertise to install high voltage appliances.


Not all electrical jobs are the same. Hot tub installations are the most dangerous. The risk of electrical shock or electrocution is not restricted to setup. You are at risk from a bad install after you start using your hot tub.

Hire an experienced spa electrician. Our Temecula electricians have extensive experience with the National Electrical Code. These codes address all the safe wiring requirements for spas.

Call Redhawk Electric at (951) 365-0587 when you need a Hot Tub SPA Electrician.

Certified SPA Hot Tub Electricians Are Safest for
High Power Wiring and Hot Tub Electrical Installation

Redhawk’s master electricians have 18 years of experience wiring high voltage appliances. We encourage customers to call Redhawk Temecula Electrical with their questions or concerns. Call (951) 365-0587, and an experienced hot tub installer will answer all your questions.


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Safety First

Redhawk Temecula Electric’s electricians adhere to the strictest safety measures. They get regular safety training and testing. We provide that our staff is knowledgeable about the latest safety procedures. Your safety is our first concern. Primary concern!

Questions to Ask When Hiring an Electrician

When you call electricians for price quotes to wire a new hot tub, ask the following questions:

  • Do your electricians have experience in below-ground wiring? How many hot tub installations and other water-based electrical installations have they performed?

  • Do your electricians have specialized knowledge and training for wiring hot tubs?  Are they safety trained in handling high voltage for projects that involve water?

  • How many years of experience do your electricians have working with spa installation?

  • When was the last time that the electricians you plan to send to my home have installed a hot tub or spa?

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Percent of Home Fires Related to Bad Wiring 12%
Percent of Workplace Deaths Related to Electricusions 5%
Percent of Pool/SPA Deaths Related to Electricusions 1%


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Redhawk Temecula Electric offers a full range of Commercial and Residential Electrican Services. All our services provide a FREE QUOTE and One-Year Guarantee.

LED recessed lights can upgrade the appearance of any room. Recessed LED lights also saves money on your energy budget. Far better than using normal fluorescents or bulbs.

Redhawk’s electrical panel upgrades will bring your old breaker box up to date with today’s power needs. We will also provide extra slots in the panel for future upgrades.

A ceiling fan is one of those essentials for southern California. Redhawk has experience installing 100s of ceiling fans in the Temecula area. Get ready for summer.

Sweat no more! Whole house fans are the cost-effective and environment friendly substitute for air conditioning. It will help your home cool during summer nights.

Commercial Electrians

Our commercial electricians have specialized experience and knowledge. We can handle the most demanding commercial electrical application.

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On Time – We at Redhawk Electric understand that your time is valuable. We’re On Time.

Clean – Our electricians will leave your home clean.

Drug & Alcohol Free – All our electricians go through extensive background checks. They also submit to drug tests.

Friendly & Courteous – Our electricians will not swear or smoke in your home.

Repairs Guaranteed – For the first year after a repair, we repair or replace problems at no charge to you.

Skilled Professionals – Our staff are all certified electricians. They are master craftsmen with 1,000s of hours of experience in the field.

Straightforward Pricing – We will visit your business or home to provide a FREE QUOTE. We will let you know all your options.

An Electrican You Can Trust – Redhawk is the Hot Tub Electrician near me that you can trust for your Spa installation.


When you need a FREE QUOTE, either call us or send us a message. We will respond as quickly as possible.


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Class: C10 #967745


M-F 8am-5pm & by appt