During the holidays, most homes may outrun their electricity bills. This is especially true if you use Christmas decorations to add pizzazz to your yards. The following Christmas energy-saving tips will save you money.

    • LED Christmas LightsLED Christmas lights use 90% less power than regular incandescent lights. LED lights do not burn out, and they last 25 times longer than typical lights. The initial cost is high, but at the end of the day, the energy bill is lower as compared to regular lighting. Nonetheless, consider purchasing your LED Christmas lights from reputable suppliers. Avoid buying uncertified lights that can draw more power or cause fires in your home.


    • Light Up when necessary: Do not leave your Christmas lights on for 24 hours. The effect that comes with Christmas lighting is only effective during the night and not the day. Put off powering your Christmas lights during the day. Unplug them while going to bed to reduce fire outbreak risks. This is an important Christmas holiday safety tips.


    • christmas light safety tipsPlan Accordingly: Determine how many outlets are needed for lighting before you decorate. This can be achieved by calculating the required wattage for your lighting features. Consider having a timer that turns off the lights automatically at night.


    • Use Candles: Consider using battery-operated candles especially for your indoor spaces. Candle lighting adds warmth and creates a Christmasy atmosphere. They help cut your power bills. They come in a variety of colors, and they will add a fantastic lighting mood inside the house. Battery candles are a good deal especially if you have toddlers in the house. Electric candles cut the risk of a fire. Please read our safety tips before you start decorating this season.


    • Use Fiber Optic Lights: Fiber optic decoration is a great way to save on power. You only need one bulb to light multiple points. Light is sent through the optical cable in alternating colors adding a cool touch to your space.


    • christmas holiday safety tipsDon’t use multiple lights: If you have a lit Christmas tree inside the house, consider turning off your heat. Burn logs in a fireplace rather than using a room heater. It saves energy as well as keep them room moderately warm.


  • Use reflective lights: Reflective Christmas decorations give an illusion of many Christmas lights. They give a disco ball effect.

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