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Can a Homeowner Install their own Tesla Charging?

I’ve heard that some people wonder if they can install a car charging point themselves. However, it’s important to note that this is not recommended. It’s best to seek the help of a professional, such as Redhawk Electric, to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

  • Our Master EV technician will help you assess whether having an EVCP in your home is safe and identify the best place to guarantee the most benefits. Let’s start by looking at your home’s location and electrical system to ensure that installing an EVCP won’t pose any safety risks. Once we have determined it is safe, we can work together to find the best spot for your EVCP to maximize its benefits.

What is the Process Redhawk Electric Uses to Install a Level 2 or Level 3 Charging Station?

install EV charging stations - install EV charging stationsSTEP ONE: Buy an EV Charging Station or a Tesla Charging Station

STEP TWO: Select a qualified Tesla Charging Station installer

STEP THREE: Have the installer visit your home to:

  • take measurements
  • check where the fuse box is
  • identify the best location for the charger
  • verify practical details
  • give you a quote

STEP FOUR: Choose an installation date

STEP FIVE: Have the installer come to your house and install Tesla Charging Stations.

STEP SIX: Once installed, you are ready to go.

Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Installer

Services for Your Tesla Charging Station.

tesla charging station-shutterstock 1414976354Installing an EV charger or a Tesla charger can be a complex process that requires expert knowledge. It is important to consider both your home’s electrical system and the charger itself. One key thing to remember is that these chargers use a lot of electricity from your house or apartment building. If the installation is not done correctly, there is a risk of being dangerously exposed to this electricity. It’s important to work with a qualified professional who can ensure that your charger is installed safely and correctly. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your safety and the safety of your home.

Make sure your charger installation is fully certified.

Choose Redhawk to install your EV Charging or Tesla Station. This validates that the installation has been completed safely.

Cost to install your Tesla Charging Station.

Investing in a trustworthy, experienced installer is worth the money. It is an investment in safety and regulatory compliance. This is important for your car, home, and others around you.

Save Money on the Installation of your Tesla Charging Station with Tax Breaks

It is also worth looking into all tax breaks available for EV charging installations. Often, you will find tax rebates for individuals to install an EV charging point in their homes.

Tesla charging station - Tesla charger

Redhawk offers specific Charging Station expertise.

When selecting an installation service for your EV charger, it is important to consider the technician’s training. Redhawk Electric is a great option due to its extensive knowledge and experience in EV charger installation. However, it is worth noting that not all electricians are familiar with the regulations surrounding EV charging stations. It’s essential to find a service that is well-versed in these regulations to ensure a safe and efficient installation.

End-To-End Level 2 Charging Station and Level 3 Charging Station Install Service

You don’t want your charging station to install service without teaching you how to use it. Redhawk Electric offers a comprehensive EV Install service:

  • We will give pre-installation advice about which charger to opt for.
  • We will help you select which type of charger is best for your current and future needs. We offer several types of EV charging stations, including level 2 charging stations and level 3 charging stations.
  • We will analyze how to install your charger in the best way for your home and electricity bill.
  • We will train you on how to use the charging station.
  • Click here for a list of public charging stations.

It is a Valuable Investment to Install EV Charger Stations in Your Home

Choosing the right professional level 2 charging station installation company is a smart move that can really pay off. By ensuring your charger is safe and fully compliant with all necessary permits, you’ll be able to increase the value of your property and enjoy peace of mind. The key is finding a reliable installation service that delivers the desired results.

You can be assured that Redhawk Electric is a reputable, trusted electrician. We have expertise in EV charging station installation. Our end-to-end service will ensure you’re covered for present and future needs.

Redhawk Electric is known for the most affordable charging stations. This includes both level 2 and level 3 charging station installations.



What happened when I ran out of charge for my Tesla?2022-12-10T11:13:37-08:00

As you start running low on charge, your Tesla auto will suggest charging points to visit and get it charged. It will also instruct you if you are moving further away from the nearest charging station.

Can you add a Tesla car to any household outlet?2022-12-10T11:14:25-08:00

YES.  A 110-volt jack (NEMA 5-15) is included as standard equipment with all new Tesla cars. You can use these plugs for a range of two to four mile per hour of charging. Most people prefer using a recommended wall connector to charge their Telsa for faster charging.

Can I charge my Tesla auto at any charging station?2022-02-07T11:21:30-08:00

You can recharge your Tesla auto anywhere in the country with access to an outlet.

Can we use a Tesla charging station for FREE?2022-02-05T15:40:05-08:00

For a Tesla supercharger, the cost is about $0.25 per KW for a Model S or Model X purchased after January 2017. Charging is free for cars purchased before, January 2017.  A half charge (150 miles of range) costs about $11.00.