Do you need a permit to replace your electrical panel? The technical answer? No. The right answer? Yes. Electrical panels age. The appliances we use today have different power requirements than before 2000. If your house was built in the 1990s or earlier, you probably need a new one or have to upgrade. You may think that the cheapest method is to do the replacement yourself. Dealing with the voltage of an electrical panel is dangerous. This job should be left to a licensed electrician. Upgrading your electrical panel is a job that our staff at Redhawk does daily. We will process any permits required. Today we want to explain why it may be best for you to leave it to them when upgrading your electrical panel.

Signs that an Electrical Panel Needs to Be Replaced

replace an electrical panel - electrical panel repair - upgrade an electrical panelThere are obvious signs that your electrical panel needs replacing. There are also subtle issues that the homeowner should look for. The reasons your electrical panel needs to be replaced are due to these reasons:

  • The electrical panel smells. An electrical panel that smells bad is the most common and obvious problem. When you smell a burning odor near your box, that means you have a bad circuit breaker or disconnected wire. This issue is quite urgent. When you have this issue, DO NOT HESITATE! Call Redhawk immediately! There is a high risk of an electrical fire.
  • When your lights flicker. When you notice your lights flicker, it is a sign of problems in your panel. The most typical situation is a loose connection and often requires a new panel. Another issue can be a connected wire is ready to fail. There does not need to be any further indications of these problems.
  • When you upgrade home appliances. When you replace an appliance, you may find that it has higher power requirements. Newer appliances usually mean more amps. We often hear that installation crews warn homeowners that their panel needs upgrading. This is the perfect time to replace your panel, as your power needs will only increase in the future.
  • When you use a lot of power strips. Today there are more and more devices that need power. Most people find they do not have enough power outlets, so they resort to power strips. This causes an electrical panel to work overtime and can be dangerous. In this case, take preemptive action and get more outlets installed with a new panel.

Can The Homeowner Replace an Electrical Panel?

Why do I need an electrician to upgrade an electrical panel? How about replacing an electrical panel, or need electrical panel repair?

Everyone strongly recommends that you leave electrical panel upgrades to professionals. Electrical panels use high voltage levels of live energy. This creates a life-and-death situation. A single mistake can cause severe injury or death. As you should expect, changing an electrical panel is a highly complex procedure. When you replace a breaker box, you will need to install new cables and an electrical meter.

Working with Redhawk Electric guarantees your safety and a successful panel upgrade. The headache of dealing with permits is left to our staff. We know all the local building codes. Your new electrical panel will be up to date on local regulations and ready for years of service.

When your electrical panel has problems, call Redhawk Temecula Electricians. We are licensed and professional electrical experts. Contact us online for electrical services, or call 365-0587 now! It is better to be safe than sorry when you upgrade your electrical panel. Call electricians to replace an electrical panel, or need electrical panel repair.