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Electrical Panel Box – Electrical Panel Upgrades – Electrical Panel Replacement

As technology changes, you will need more power in your home. HD TVs and fast computers use more energy than an old electrical panel can support. Devices designed in previous decades can only handle up to a hundred amps. Most of the modern homes use approximately two hundred amperes.

Upgrading your Electrical Panel Box

Your home’s electrical panel box may have a severe problem if it’s more than twenty years of age. There are some electrical panels back then that might have bad designs. This might lead to electrical fires. Electrical panels installed after 2000 are quite safe and reliable. Those designed before 2000 might need electrical panel repair, or Electrical Panel upgrades.

As we rely more and more on electronic devices in our day to day lives, more energy is required. Your existing electrical panel might have a hard time meeting today’s energy demands. If you have any doubts about an old electric panel, have Redhawk Electric test your board. This may prevent an electrical fire. Your old electrical panel box might also become a problem when you decide to sell your house. Most home buyers want to know that a home’s electric system has been updated. An electrical panel upgrade requires the replacement of your existing breaker box. New electrical boards provide high capacity.

Keep your house’s power system in great shape. Keep your family and property safe with a new electrical panel. For extra safety, make sure that you install a whole house surge suppressor as well. Saving money is always a concern for our clients but so is safety.

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When it’s time to replace your electrical service panel, our services are just a tap away. We focus mainly on customer service along with delivering quality. Our electricians can upgrade your current electrical panel to meet your growing needs.


Electrical fires frequently occur. They cause injury, claiming lives, and resulting in significant loss of property. From 2009 to 2011, an estimated 25,900 residential building electrical fires were reported. These fires caused an estimated 280 deaths, 1,125 injuries and $1.1 billion in property damage. Residential electrical fires continued to be a part of the residential fire problem. They accounted for 7 percent of all residential building fires.” FEMA REPORT Volume 14, Issue 13 / March 2014

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electrical panel box repair, electrical panel replacement or Electrical Panel upgrades.

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When it’s time to replace your electrical panel, our services are just a tap away. We focus mainly on customer service along with delivering quality. Our proficient electricians would upgrade your current electrical panel to meets your home’s growing requirement.

Electrical Panel Upgrades by Redhawk Electrical Services

Redhawk’s electrical panel upgrades will bring your old breaker box up to date. We will also provide extra slots in the panel for future upgrades. Our electricians will help you renovate your house with an electrical service upgrade. It will enhancing your house’s electrical capacity to meet daily needs.  If you find one or more of the above symptoms listed, contact us for an electrical inspection. Link to all Commercial Electrical Services, Residential Electrial Services and projects.

Check for the following signs

  • Corrosion presence and rust on the breaker switches.
  • The interior of the box heating up.

  • Appliances consume less than full power.
  • Your house has two-pronged outlets but not three-pronged grounded outlets.

  • If you notice that outlets near water sources such as sinks, tubs, dishwashers, and clothes washer lines – are do not have GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) in them. These outlets will stop the electricity if an appliance comes into contact with water, which would prevent shocks.

  • You always have to use extension cords.

  • Your home has sixty-ampere electrical service.

  • Your home has 100-amp electrical service but is unable to operate some appliances.

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Homes Built Before 1990 Need Electrical Panel Upgrades 70%
Electrical Fires as Percent of all Residential Fires 7%


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Redhawk Temecula Electric offers a full range of Commercial and Residential Electrician Services. All our services provide a FREE QUOTE and One-Year Guarantee.

Recessed LED Lighting

LED recessed lights can upgrade the appearance of any room. Recessed LED lights also save money on your energy budget. This is especially true compared to using normal fluorescents or bulbs.


Electrical Panels

Redhawk’s electrical panel upgrades will bring your old breaker box up to date. We can address today’s power needs. We will also provide extra slots in the panel for future upgrades.


Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is one of those essentials for southern California. Redhawk has experience installing 100s of ceiling fans in the Temecula area. Get ready for summer.


Whole House Fans

Sweat no more! Whole house fans are the cost-effective and environment-friendly substitute for air conditioning. It will help cool your home during summer nights.


Commercial Electrician

Our commercial electricians have specialized experience and knowledge for all commercial electrical application.

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