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Every homeowner looks for comfort and convenience. We all install practical elements to enhance the beauty and comfort level in your homes. A ceiling fan is one of those essentials home appliances for southern California. A ceiling fan’s performance depends on the quality of the installation. Poor ceiling fan installation can lead to wiring problems and fan noise.

Redhawk Electric’s professionals will install your ceiling fans right the first time. With Redhawk Electric, you have a no-hassle guarantee of success. We know how to deal with alignment, wiring, and quality installation. If your ceiling fan is not working right, we also offer ceiling fan maintenance. There are many ceiling fan companies. Redhawk is the one you can trust with the most extended labor warranty.

Call Redhawk Temecula Electrician for ceiling fan maintenance. We can schedule a ceiling fan installation near me today. You can reach us at (951) 365-0587. There are many ceiling fan companies, but we offer the best warranty.


Contact Redhawk Electric for superior quality ceiling fan installation. We will handle everything for you.

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    No Hassle Guarantee

    We repair or replace the item at no charge for the first year after a repair or new install.

    Why Ceiling Fans are Good Choice For Southern California

    • Comfort and Energy Efficient:

      In summers, ceiling fans save energy with cool breezes. Installing them allows you to cut energy consumption too. You can increase the temperature of your cooling systems by a few extra degrees. Ceiling fans provide a cooling breeze without consuming much energy. They circulate fresh air throughout your room.

    • Saves energy in winters: Ceiling fans are a great assistant for your heating systems. As you know, hot air rises. These fans circulate the hot air that hangs at the ceiling. Hence, warm air reaches all parts of a room and makes your place warmer with less energy consumption. Every time warm air tries to rise, your fan circulates it throughout your room.

    • Improves Lighting in Your Room: Modern ceiling fans can come with pre-installed lighting. Ceiling fans look attractive and make your room look beautiful.

    • Ceiling Fans for Every Room: There are many models of ceiling fans. Each suits a different area of your home. Backyard patios can become more comfortable with a ceiling fan installed. There are unique fans designed to match the size and volume of your rooms. The fan’s lights are designed for different sized rooms.

    • Enhances the Look of your Home: Unique ceiling fan designs add pizzazz to your home. Homeowners look at fans as a decorative item. Different combinations of blade designs, materials, features, and sizes are now available. Redhawk can offer ceiling fan installation at a meager price.

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    Energy Saved in WInter Running Ceiling Fans to Circulate Heat 15%
    Energy Used by Ceiling Fans vs Central Air 3%
    Energy Star-Rated Ceiling Fan Energy Use vs Regular Ceiling Fans 40%


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    Redhawk Temecula Electric offers a full range of Commercial and Residential Electrican Services. All our services provide a FREE QUOTE and One-Year Guarantee.

    LED recessed lights can upgrade the appearance of any room. Recessed LED lights also save money on your energy budget. This is especially true compared to using standard fluorescents or bulbs.

    Redhawk’s electrical panel upgrades will bring your old breaker box up to date. They meet today’s power needs. We will also provide extra slots in the panel for future upgrades.

    Ceiling Fans

    A ceiling fan is one of those essentials for southern California. Redhawk has experience installing 100s of ceiling fans in the Temecula area. Get ready for summer.

    Whole House Fans

    Sweat no more! Whole house fans are cost-effective. They are also the most environment-friendly substitute for air conditioning. People swear by how well they help cool your home this summer.

    Our commercial electricians have specialized experience. They have experience with commercial electrical applications.

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    • On-Time – We at Redhawk Electric understand that your time is valuable. We’re On Time.
    • Clean – Our electricians will leave your home clean.
    • Drug & Alcohol-Free – All our electricians go through extensive background checks before being hired. They also submit to drug tests.
    • Friendly & Courteous – Our electricians will not swear or smoke in your home.
    • Repairs Guaranteed – Our guarantee covers the first year after a repair. If an electrical repair fails during regular use, we repair or replace the item at no charge to you.
    • Skilled Professionals – Our staff is all certified electricians. They are master craftsmen with 1,000s of hours of experience in the field.
    • Straightforward Pricing – Our owner Beau will visit your business or home for a FREE QUOTE. Beau will let you know all your options.


    When you need a FREE QUOTE, either call us or send us a message. We will respond as quickly as possible.


        (951) 365-0587


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        M-F 8am-5pm & by appt


        (951) 365-0587


        Class: C10 #967745


        M-F 8am-5pm & by appt

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