OUR SERVICES As technology changes, you will probably need more power in your home. HD televisions and fast performance computers use more energy than your old electrical pan [...]

Electrical Services – Electrical Maintenance – GFCI Troubleshooting


Electrical problems don’t announce themselves before appearing. One doesn’t know when the power may go off. Who can expect a microwave blowing the electrical circuits? Worst, who would expect wires in your walls to meltdown and start a fire? When that happens, most people feel annoyed. To up the power as soon as possible, they decide to fix the issue themselves. Most of the time, these issues are related to circuit breaker troubleshooting.

Hot Tub Electrician Near Me Provides Hot Tub Electrical Installation


Redhawk’s master electricians have 18 years of experience wiring high-voltage appliances. We encourage customers to call Redhawk Temecula Electrical with their questions or concerns. Call (951) 365-0587, and an experienced hot tub installer will answer all your questions.

LED Recessed Lighting


LED recessed lights can upgrade the appearance of your rooms. LED lights also save on your energy budget compared to standard bulbs. LED lights are in line with the ‘Go Green Movement.’ As you know, Going Green emphasizes the use of low power devices. Additionally, the bulbs have improved reliability, strength, longevity, and come in compact sizes.

Ceiling Fan Installation Near Me


Redhawk Electric’s professionals will install your ceiling fans right the first time. With Redhawk Electric, you have a no-hassle guarantee of success. We know how to deal with alignment, wiring, and quality installation. If your ceiling fan is not working right, we also offer ceiling fan maintenance. There are many ceiling fan companies. Redhawk is the one you can trust with the most extended labor warranty.

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