Quiet Cool Whole House Fans are rated the Best Whole House Fan on the Market


Sweat no more! We have a cost-effective and environment-friendly substitute for air conditioning. Whole house fans will help cool your home down. This option helps keep your home temperature and your bills on track. The recent models of whole house fans are less noisy. They dilute the toxins and pollutants and freshen up the air.

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As technology changes, you will need more power in your home. HD TVs and fast computers use more energy than old panels can support. Devices designed in previous decades can only handle up to a hundred amps. Most modern homes use approximately two hundred amperes.

Commercial Electrician


Now and then, your commercial space requires electrical replacement, repair or maintenance work. We would like to recommend Redhawk Temecula Electrical to handle your commercial electrical needs. Our team has the capabilities to handle large commercial electrical power, lighting and heating jobs in your buildings.